Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mrs. Robinson's Cooked Carrots

As you may know, I've been trying to eat healthier lately!  I'm motivated by my need to lose weight, but I am trying to lose weight as a result of making healthy choices.  I am in no way starving myself.  In fact, I feel like I eat all the time.  It's what you eat that counts, ladies!  One challenge I've met recently is cooking vegetables that my husband will eat.  You see, Mr. Robinson is quite the picky eater.  He eats two vegetables:  canned cut green beans and canned sliced carrots.  I had perfected the art of buttering those veggies up, and they were delicious.  Well, I'm trying to cut out as much butter as possible.  Here is the recipe I made up for very flavorful and healthy carrots.

1 Can of Sliced Carrots
1 Package of Ham Bouillon Seasoning
Salt and Pepper
2 Whole Cloves

Step One  Place a small pot on top of a small stove eye set on HIGH.  Empty your can of carrots + juice into the pot.

Step Two  Tear open the Ham Bouillon package and pour the seasoning on top of the carrots.  It's a powder, so it will dissolve.  

This little packet will give you the same amount of "ham" flavoring as cooking with a ham bone & butter.  It can be purchased in the Latin section of Walmart and Food Lion.    

Nutritional Facts:
10 Calories
0 Fat
0 Saturated Fat
0 Cholesterol
240 mg Sodium
1 g Carbohydrate
0 Dietary Fiber
0 Sugar
0 Protein

Step Three  Add two Whole Cloves to the broth.  Top with a little salt and pepper, and stir.  

Step Four  Cook on high until it reaches a boil.  Reduce heat to low and simmer, covered, for as long as possible to get the full flavor you want!  :)  I usually start cooking my carrots first, and then work on the meat and other side.  But, I have learned if you cook the carrots for too long, they'll mush.  Gross.  

But these carrots will be yummy and flavorful and healthy!  Enjoy!

Just to update you's guys...I'm losing weight!  Even better, I'm losing inches!  I worse this outfit to church on Sunday Morning.  The white dress?  Oh, it stopped fitting shortly after the honeymoon.

What healthy recipes are you using to shed inches?  


♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Oh can I please have your electric stove, we have gas on our new hours and I hate it. Love the white dress you look great!!!!

Meg @ mrcandme.blog.com said...

lovin' the blog revamp - lookin' good! sucha a cute white dress, go you! the carrots sound delish. my husband also does not like veggies - he only eats green beans (+ corn + potatoes but those are starches... lol). anyway, i love asparagus or brussel sprouts with a touch of olive oil/salf/pepper and roasted in the oven. yum!

Allison said...

I love the outfit! Congrats on losing weight!
Are you wearing a sock bun? It looks fabulous!

morgan harper nichols said...

Congrats on starting a healthier living plan! You're doing the right thing by cutting out the butter and using more seasonings. My husband loooves butter. I didn't grow up eating butter at all as we only used "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!" I would recommend trying that as an alternative just in case you ever get the urge to butter a biscuit. But again, congratulations!