Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Part Six: Family & Wedding Party Pictures

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The Wedding was over and we were man and wife!  We made our way down the aisle and had a family & wedding party photo shoot before heading to the reception.    

Our sweet flour girl, Gracie, got all upset.  Apparently she was crying during the entire ceremony, but was able to hold it together.  She said that now that I'm married, we'll never see each other anymore.  I, however, think that she knew her mom should have been there for this.  Gracie's mom passed away from breast cancer in 2009.  Regardless of the reason for her tears, I love this picture of me comforting her.  :)  She wasn't in most of our group pictures as a result, though.

(L-R)  My Sister, Mom, Husband, myself, and Daddy

The Bride and Groom, Parents, Both Sets of Grandparents, & Flower Girl/Cousin
(L-R) Groom's Mom, Groom, Bride, and Groom's Dad
(L-R) Groom's Nana, Groom, Bride, Groom's Dad & Mom
 We got married just before the Pinterest wave hit, so I'd never seen any of the quirky family portraits.  All of our after-the-wedding photographs were nothing out of the ordinary, but they're classic and timeless.  We didn't want to spend all of our time taking posed photographs, so we instructed our photographer to take several group shots and to focus more on candid, action shots during the reception.  We are very happy with the pictures we have with our family.  They may not be anything weird or new or quirky, but everyone looks happy in front of a gorgeous, Southern backdrop and we were able to focus on spending time with our guests rather than posing for thousands of pictures.


Basil. said...

We did the same thing! We didn't have pinterest to use for all out wedding ideas and planning, and we only left 45 min for pictures. I would have hated keeping the guests waiting for hours for us to take more. And I remember spending time with guests more than posing for poctures!

Bronwyn @ Our Beautiful Blessings said...

Beautiful bride! Love your pictures :)

Val said...

Pinterest was just taking off RIGHT before our wedding, and by then it was too late to implement any of the ideas, so I know what you mean! you can never go wrong with classic, smiling pictures though.

TIffany Gabriel said...

The story about Grace your flower girl reminds me of my little cousin Shae that was my Jr. Brides maid. She bawled her eyes out walking down the aisle and during the ceremony because she was afraid I was going to get married and move away and for get all about here. Well in her defense I did move away a year later but I've stayed in touch with her and have gone back to see her several times. Still hard when they are so young like that and still dont quite understand. Your family photos together are beautiful. I say all the time I wish Pinterest was around when we were planning our wedding but that was 4 & 1/2 years ago. Oh well theres always the vowel renewel lol.

Kristen said...

Your flower girl is so precious! And all of your pictures turned out very well, love that you can look back on them 50 years from now and enjoy them, not think "why in the world did we think it would be great to take THAT picture?"

Desiree said...

you have such a beautiful family! you both do!