Monday, April 9, 2012

My Ugly Cry Face

Last night, my husband left me.  

Well, kind of.  He had to go upstate for training and since the drive took over 3 hours, the company he works for put him in a hotel for the night.  He'll have to do this several times this month, but to be honest ... I was kind of looking forward to him leaving and giving me some alone time.  Before he quit his job, I was accustomed to him leaving for work before me and coming home after me.  I got boo-koodles of alone time.  With his new job, that alone time has hit the pavement and he's there when I leave and he's there when I come home, with few exceptions.  I was missing my alone time, and was looking forward to catching up on it while he's away at training!  He'll be spending several nights away from home this month and I was excited.  

Until it was time for him to leave.

I was sobbing...clutching to him as we laid on the floor.  I have an ugly cry face.  He said he was flattered.

My face was all red, my nose was all swollen, and I had snot coming out of my nose.  Quite unflattering, yet he felt flattered.  After he left, Zombie did something cute and I calmed down.  

Then, we snuggled and watched The Backup Plan for the first time.  It was SO good!  Except that I was already emotional for my husband leaving for the night, so I cried over a romantic a baby.  And then I realized that I still miss him when he's gone.  I really didn't want him to leave and I really didn't need the alone time I so desperately missed.  I love him!  This month will be full of changes for us, and I hope that watching him leave for work gets easier.  But then, I kind of don't.  I hope I never become numb or immune to missing the man God created with me in mind.  I love being with him and even though we drive each other crazy sometimes, at the end of the day I want to be with him.  

And when that's not possible, I make an ugly cry face.  



TIffany Gabriel said...

Oh girly, Im so sorry. The hubbs and I had the hardest time being away from each other this past week so I know how you feel. Its so hard to be away from the one you love. I hope this month flies by for you both.

Lauren said...

Oooo girl I am so there with you! My husband is doing a three-week stint in Alabama right now and I am miserable! It's just me and the pup for the next few weeks:-( Just think, at least he isn't gone the ENTIRE month!

Lauren said...

Aw poor girl! I always feel that way too. I went to my sister's for the night about a month ago and since she has a new baby I figured she'd go to bed early too. With no sister and no husband I thought yay I'd get the TV and bed to myself! Well as soon as she left I felt lonely and immediately starting texting D. We've been together almost 7 years and I still miss him like crazy. There are times when even the 8 hour work day feels too long. Barf right? Haha hope you're doing better today!

Val said...

I would be the same way. I'd be all excited about a night of chick flicks, chocolate, nail polish and magazines. but then after about an hour, I'd be bored and want my husband back.

I hope he doesn't have to leave you too often!

Emily Hope said...

I think this is completely normal. Steve often has work trips that last 14 days. Those two weeks are the longest and most emotional for me. I have started booking vacation for when he's away because I can't sleep in the bed without him - I sleep on the couch. I would like to say that you get used to it - but I never do. I hope the time goes by quickly and that he's home soon. Until then watch some rom-coms and cry your little eyes out.

Kristen said...

It's a good thing that you miss your husband. And don't let anyone tell you you have an ugly anything face. Not your best face, true, but not ugly at all. Have you seen tose pictures of the World's ugliest dogs? That's ugly, yo.

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

totally been there lady :( i used to be like that in high school - esp. when the mr.c went off on family vacays or football camps. going to separate colleges toughed me up a bit but i still miss him when he's away. but that's how it should be. :) i mean, that's love right? anyway, can't complain much since we've been together every night since september. that...and the fact that some of my friends + family have signif. others in the service and have spent a year apart. props to them for sure!