Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

It has been SUCH a great week, hasn't it?!  I always felt like Christmas was my favorite holiday, but I certainly think that Easter has taken the lead now that I'm a Christian who lives and acts like a Christian. I've really enjoyed counting down the days until today, and I hope you've had a perfect week as well!  

Last Sunday we had church, which was wonderful as usual.  God is doing big things in congregation right now and it's such a unique feeling to worship WITH the Holy Spirit, you know? 

Monday I worked and spent the evening straightening up the house and getting everything ready for our Missions Sister's meeting on Tuesday.  It was my first time hosting, so I wanted it to be perfect (and I wanted the house to be clean!)  Cleaning our house is no easy feat...we're such slobs.  Anyone else? 

Tuesday I worked and we actually had 21 people at the Mission Sister's meeting that night!  I am pretty sure that's a record if you take out our Christmas meeting.  Everyone is always coming to church and church functions around Christmas.  Haha.  But Mission Sister's usually only has about 5-6 women show up.  We had TWENTY ONE (including three small children) but 21 women!!  God is good!  And I was terrified and nervous as the host, but it all worked out.  

Wednesday I went to the older women's meeting to share news and information of our women's meeting with their group.  We got a ton of positive feedback, and I really enjoyed their meeting!  God was THERE, y'all.  The lesson Mrs. Cinda brought was about being a person of influence and reaching out into your community.  Their weekly study had been about having a passion for the sinners in your community.  When these lessons were written, chosen, studied, and planned there was no way of knowing that this conference would be in planning stages and presented to them.  Does that make sense?  It was totally a God thing.  Ah-mazing! 

Thursday was a fun day (other than working) because we did something new at our church!  We recently got a new pastor, and he is used to celebrating Maundy Thursday.  We went to church and had The Lord's Supper to commemorate Jesus' Last Supper with His disciples before the crucifixion.  I'd never heard of this before, much less celebrated it by going to church!  And we took communion. 

Friday I changed up my schedule a bit with work.  I went in at 8 instead of 9, so that I could take a lunch break and participate in the noon-time prayer in our church garden.  I'm so glad I went!!  

Saturday we spent the night at the beach!  

And that brings us to today... Happy Easter!  I hope that each of you have a perfect and beautiful day!  Keep Him near your heart because He hung on a cross for YOU.  If you've never seen it, today would be a GREAT day to see The Passion movie.  Find out what our Lord did your You.  Worship Him.  Rejoice!  We love and worship the only living God.  Pretty cool stuff.  

Today we'll go to a sunrise service on the beach, to breakfast, to our regular church service, and lunch with the family at my grandma's house.  Seriously.  Happy Easter.  Love y'all!  


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TIffany Gabriel said...

Happy Easter chicka sounds like you've had a fabulous week.