Monday, April 23, 2012

Loving or Unloving? Respectful or Disrespectful?

Many a date-night-ago, Mr. Robinson and I went into Lifeway.  It's pretty impossible to go into Lifeway without spending a trillion dollar, and we ended up walking out with a nice stack of books.  Well, my reader eyes were bigger than my reader belly and I didn't have time to read the books I picked out right away.  I'm just getting started good on the first book from the stack, but it's amazing.  

If you are single, dating, engaged, newly or oldly married you need to read this book.  Let me share one quick thing with you that I've learned so far.  

"Everything, for a man, is viewed as respect or disrespect. For a woman, everything is seen as loving or unloving."  This is so incredibly true.  Honestly, every thing my husband is does is run through the same filter.  His actions trigger one of two reactions:  "He loves me!" or "He doesn't love me at all!"  I got my Mister to read the little section on wives encouraging their husbands respectfully and he said he agreed 100%.  Hopefully he will read the book when I'm done with it.  But him agreeing means that everything I do is run through a similar filter.  My actions trigger one of two reactions:  "She respects me!" or "She doesn't respect me at all!"  Just something to think about.  

Our church has Revival meetings this week.  Big things are happening at our church and I'm definitely excited about what God has in store.  

Oh, and one more thing.  I've come across my new favorite artist.  Francesca Battistelli.  Check her out!  =)  I'm just not discovering Christian music, so if I'm a few steps behind...forgive me & send me some tunes to check out.  =)  
Coo Coo Kachoo, 
Mrs. Robinson


Karrie said...

I keep wanting to get this book!! I keep seeing interviews done by the authors and it seems very helpful!! Glad you are enjoying it!

Melissa said...

Ooh. This book looks good. Have you read The 5 Love Languages? It's a good one too!

Pamela said...

The book looks good!!

Kristen said...

That book sounds pretty darn interesting! One of these days I may just have to clear some time for it.

Lauren said...

We have it on our shelf to read together when the hubby returns from Alabama! We love us some Mark Driscoll and the truth he spews. If you get a chance you should listen to the sermons that accompany it. They are just as good!

Have you hear of "Sacred Marriage"? That's another great one!