Friday, April 27, 2012

Shopping List ~ Free Printable

It's been a little over a month since I made my first free printable.  I wasn't really planning on doing another one any time soon, but this one sort of just happened.  I came across a free printable grocery list that really helped me organize my shopping list.  The downside was, it didn't really meet my needs.  So, naturally, I made my own!  

Aren't they precious?!  =)  I'm obviously more drawn to the teal & yellow shopping list but we don't have a color printer, which explains the black and grey version.  Underneath the header, you'll see where it says "Month."  This is for those of you who are on a budget or for the very organized people.  Let me explain...  My husband and I are currently on one income.  We prefer to eat totally opposite meals so it's very possible for me to go to the store and spend $200 a week on groceries just by buying our favorite foods over and over.  It's because we don't have the same favorite foods, so we buy salads for me and chips for him, whole grain cereal for me and cookies for him, almond milk for me and whole milk for him.  You get the picture.  So, I had an idea that might help cut down on our expenses.  I started shopping only once a month if I could help it, and for the most part we can make do for a month.  To cut down even more on the Wal-Mart Spending Sprees, I had a genious idea.  We don't have to stock up on our favorite foods every time I or we go shopping.  We could spread it out...let some things (like cookies and avocados) be special treats.  

Anyway, this shopping list is perfect for us and there's bound to be more people out there who shop and eat like we do.  Hopefully someone will find this useful!  :)  To print:  right click, save as, and open as an image in Word.  Print thousands of copies.  

What tricks do you have for mass shopping trips? 
Coo Coo Kachoo, 
Mrs. Robinson


Anonymous said...

I have learned that we spend way less money if I go to the grocery store ALONE. Although I prefer Trey's company (and for him to push the cart), the boy sees stuff and wants it! And rarely, when it gets home, will he eat all of it! So, I go shop and what I bring home is what he has to choose from... the end, haha! I also have been living out of our freezer for the last few weeks. Last week I only spent $30 at the store and relied on meals that I had frozen a few weeks ago. I make big batches of spaghetti sauce, chili and vegetable soup and we eat atleast 2 freezer meals a week. Good luck!

Ashley said...

I meal plan for two weeks and then make my list according to that and matching up with sales and coupons. I try to only spend 200 for two weeks and then if I have any left over money (which is almost never!) I stock up on some things and freeze them.

TIffany Gabriel said...

I've started going by myself to the commissary and shopping and although I hate it. Because I like when the hubbs and I go together but I tend to spend less when its just me. I also have managed to get our shopping trips down to once a month vs. twice a month, we have to stretch some meals out but we've made it work. I have a very similar food shopping list that we use for shopping.