Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Nails!

Those are supposed to be lilies.. I know it's a stretch.  I didn't draw them.  Which is why you can at least tell that they're flowers.  ;)  They're white lilies, which are also known as Easter Lilies.  This was my little way of preparing for Easter.  I know it's "silly" and "trivial," but let me explain.  A tradition that my mom has always carried out, for my entire life, was new Easter dresses.  Maybe it's a Southern thing?  But it didn't matter how much money we had, where we were at, or anything.  My sister and I got new dresses every year to wear on Easter Sunday.  This year, well, with Mr. Robinson changing jobs and working off of commission, the money just isn't there for a brand new Easter dress.  So I got my nails done instead.  =)  Back to what I was saying about lilies..   

Lilies come in all different colors.  My favorites have always been the pink and white starburst lilies.  But then, we got married and tiger lilies were one of more predominant flowers.  Why are white lilies called Easter Lilies?  

-Lilies are shaped like trumpets.  Trumpets announcing the resurrection of Jesus - the reason or Easter.
- Easter Lilies are white, which symbolize purity, perfection, and eternal life.  Jesus was pure and sinless.  He was 100% human and 100% God.  Wow.  He never sinned.  He never made any mistakes.  He was as white as snow, and His blood washes our sins away.  The blood spilled on the cross was payment for our sins, even though he was without sin.

The Easter story is one of the most amazing stories in the history of the world, and I'm so proud that I believe in the one true God.  The One who wrote history.

Tonight, we'll stay at my grandparent's beach house - the one we stayed out during our vacation. Then we'll wake up before the sun tomorrow and attend a sunrise service.  :)  Maybe I'll have some adventures to share with you guys when we get back.  

Tomorrow is Easter!  What makes Easter special to you?  How do you celebrate or prepare? 
One More Day!    



rkjalernpan said...

Love the nails. Thanks for sharing your Easter tradition and the story of lilies!

Karla said...

Cute nails and the meaning behind it! Girl have you been posting lately? I was getting scared I hadnt read any of your blogs.. My blogger has been acting up.

Kristen said...

Very pretty nails! Lilies are one of my fave flowers as well. Maybe once you learn how to thread that darned sewing machine, you can start making your own Easter dresses. Have a wonderful weekend, love!

TIffany Gabriel said...

Growing up I also got a new Easter dress, since I've been married I haven't got but one. Hubby hasn't been home to got out with AJ didn't want to spend the money. A new tradition we have started since living in Hawaii is confetti eggs, they are awesome. You'll have to keep a eye out for me Easter post to come on them. Enjoy the beach and sunrise service sweet cheeks, that was always my most favorite part abt Easter morning.

Desiree said...

lilies are my absolute favorite flower in the world.. but I'm more of a tiger lily person. your nails look beautiful! and i love your ring!

Tomorrow I get to make deviled eggs in preparation for our Easter lunch! :)