Monday, April 30, 2012

Every Other One {Happy & Sad Thoughts}

Sometimes things are just not good, you know?  Not bad....just enough "not good" stuff to make you feel down in the dumps.  This blog is a journal for me....the "blog" side makes me want to write about happy & funny things.  But honestly, don't we all hate those girls who only write about happy & funny things?  In an effort to be both...both a girl that's loved and hated...I'm going to tell some stories & complain a lot in this post...but every other one will be a happy story.  Because no matter what's wrong, I have so much to be thankful for. 

In March, God put this crazy idea into my head that has slowly become a reality.  An amazing reality.  Our church is planning a two-day conference for the lost women in our community.  I'm in charge...and it's so scary.    But things are coming together in such an amazing way that makes me so thankful to serve a living God.  The conference will be June 8th & 9th.  It's my prayer that this will be a step toward making our church biracial... we'll be talking about issues like sexual abuse, drug & alcohol abuse, depression, and being a single mom.  It's going to be amazing...and feeling the Holy Spirit use little ol' me to make it possible is quite an amazing feeling.  Next Sunday I'll be addressing our congregation to fill everyone in on the event (most people still don't know about unless they're part of the planning) and to ask for monetary donations to help us make the conference a success.  It's scary...but God is so good.  

I'm way behind on highlights.  My hair looks a hot mess and I wish I had the guts to try dying it myself.  But my hair is waist-length.  I can't risk messing up that much hair.  Why do I have to love having blonde hair so much?  It's so expensive to keep up.... sigh.  

We had revival last week.  It was so great!  I hope that our church is revived so that we can spread the revival into our community.  One little boy got saved.  My grandma came to church every night.  She even brought her Bible.  That's quite out of character for her and I hope that she will continue to step outside her box and get close to the Lord.  =)  

Mr. Robinson hasn't made any money yet with his new job.  He's getting very discouraged and worn down. He's thinking of looking for another job...but I know God led us here for a reason.  I feel like I'm running out of ways & words to encourage him, but it's my job as his wife to constantly encourage him and build him up.  But that doesn't mean my words erase the what he experiences daily...I wish I knew what to do.  I pray that he will start making money very soon.  But you know, it's not even really about the money...I just want him to start feeling successful.  I hate seeing him down in the dumps. 

Zombie is so cute. 

  It's hard not to miss the money of two steady incomes.  We're officially one month behind on the house payment we give my parents every month...which isn't really a big deal.  They're very understanding and we're blessed to have them as our lender instead of a bank.  We're going to have to start cutting corners somewhere....maybe we'll have our satellite cut off?  Mr. R's birthday is coming up...he says he doesn't want anything but he deserves a nice birthday present.  I just don't know what I could get him that is within our budget & still something he really deserves.      

 I spent some time Saturday in the Man Cave...sprucing things up and making it more manly for my love.  I'll give y'all a tour soon.  The cutest thing EVER was hearing my husband "brag" about it to my daddy.  I knew he appreciated the effort by his excitement when I showed it to him, but to hear my hubby brag on something I did for him makes me happy.  I'm happy to have done something that made/makes him happy.  =)  His Man Cave has a ton of stuff from his childhood in's like a museum of his past life.  I'm surrounded by my childhood memories since we live in the house where I raised.  Now he has childhood memories in our home, too.  :) 

It's almost time to go grocery shopping again and it's hard to spend money when the amount coming in has decreased.  I loved grocery shopping when it was a carefree I feel guilty, no matter how much money I spend.  It'd be so much cheaper to just eat hotdogs every night (which we both love) but I can't eat like that!  His favorite foods happen to be very inexpensive, and while I love a good hot dog or burger or slice of pizza, I gain weight when I eat like that.  So what do I do?  What's more important?  Saving money before we run out or buying double food because I want to eat healthy and he refuses to eat healthy.  What a choice.      

 I was fooling around in the kitchen on Saturday and found that I can use butternut squash in place of noodles in pasta dishes.  That's a pretty exciting healthy alternative discovery!   That puts pasta back in the game!  

I've been struggling lately with modesty issues.  I feel like modesty should be practiced everywhere...  (At church) I don't want my attire to get in the way of someone worshiping God.  (Everywhere Else) I think it's tacky and disrespectful to their husbands when women dress provocatively.  My body is not my own - it's my husband's.  I don't want any other man looking at a creation meant only for the man I was created for.  But...what about everyone else?  What about all of the girls who wear short dresses and low-cut tops that get the attention of my husband?  My husband is imperfect and attractive girls showing lots of skin catches his eye, even if it is in a bad way.  Sometimes I'd like to take modesty out of the picture and dress in a way that catches his eye, too.  But I know it would be sinful and dis-respective... but I still fight it.  Soon, this will get a post all on it's own.

 This coming weekend, Friday - Sunday, I'll be stayed with my mom and grandma to attend a Christian conference.  I'm so excited because (1) it's my first conference that I'm attending because of my own desire, and (2) my grandma is going!!!!!!!  This is no small victory.  This is the same grandma who came to revival every night.  I hope this really signifies a change in her....we pray it..

[I don't have any more "sad"'s, so I'll end with 3 happy's]

 My husband is thinking of joining a bush league to play baseball!  I'm so proud of him for his bravery.  Maybe y'all don't think it's brave, so let me explain.  He's never played baseball, he has no idea who these people are, and he still wants to do it.  Um....yeah.  The last thing in this world I would do is join a team of people I don't know to do something I don't know how to do.  In my book, that's bravery.  

 My alcohol convictions are changing...without me really having a say in it.  That's "happy" because it's a sign that God is working on me even when I'm not looking.  I've been thinking a lot lately about bars and how I don't think it's an environment I want to be in anymore.  I've been thinking about how I don't want to be in a bar when Jesus comes back.... I'd rather be doing something that glorifies God.  But that wouldn't really stop at "being in a bar," would it?  What if He came back while I was watching a really vulgar movie or a million other things that would honestly embarrass me?   Another reason to cut off our satellite.  Save money and it would "give" us more time to spend in The Word.  It's cool when God changes your convictions without asking, haha.  Not that He has to, I'm just saying.  Y'all know what I mean.  :)   

 I'm working on getting back to making weekly meal plans & choosing exercises to do on those days.  I know some of y'all are probably guilty of the same things.  You plan to get on track on Monday, but then it's Monday night and your hungry and you don't know what to fix so you spend 30 minutes figuring it out, and then you have to cook...and so on and so forth.  So, my idea is to assign meals to certain days.  I
ve got a list of 7 different exercises - I'll do one a day and have a day off.  This way, I won't get bored with my routine.    THEN, figure out how much "time" I'll have to do an exercise & assign a routine based on what I'm cooking that night....does that make sense?  Maybe.  I'll write more on this later. 

Actually...I'll probably write more on most of these topics later.  I've had this window up all day, adding to it a little at a time.  I started out in a bad mood this morning, feeling like everything was going wrong.  By the end of the day, I had more happy thoughts than sad thoughts, and I realize that my sad thoughts were pretty trivial.  I have so much to be thankful for...this post kind of helped put that into perspective.  =)  If you've made it this far...thanks for reading my ramblings.  

What makes you happy & sad today?  

Coo Coo Kachoo, 
Mrs. Robinson


Ashley said...

I feel like I have a lot to comment on here. :)
Good for your hubby for wanting to step out of his comfort zone and try something new! Sorry, though, that he is having a hard time at work. :(

We are going to try making past this week with spaghetti squash. Hope it turns out okay!

Good luck with your conference! I am sure it will be great!

Desiree said...

love this post, lovvie! i think its a GOOD thing to write posts like this! hope your hubby starts making money soon! and I feel you on the modesty thing.. I'm not even married and have a hard time wearing low cut tops or something.. but i'm very busty so the slighest dip in a top makes my modesty go out the window a bit.

good luck with your conference.. I KNOW you will do amazingly well.

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

great post! you all sound busy! sorry bout your husband+work, both mr.c+i have been there. it's hard to get outta a funk and sometimes nothing, not ice cream or pizza or movies can get us out of it. it just takes time...and a nice paycheck. hang in there you two!!

Autumn Ingram said...

I love this post, girl. You are absolutely lovely.

Erin said...

Girl- you are one of my fave blogs to read because you KEEP IT REAL and this post just confirmed that twice over. I'll be praying for your struggles, your hubby's job and the financial worries. It can be a lot to carry, even when you DO have so many "happy" things too :)

I loved the part towards the end... about doing something that glorifies Him when he comes back. I watched a vulgar movie last night, and while it was funny and we laughed, at the end we both did feel a little guilty for even enjoying it.

HUGS & Love to you ma'am!!!! :)

Val said...

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's job. I'm sure it'll get better, once he's past the learning curve and gets into a groove.

I can't believe how long your hair is! That sounds like so much work haha.

Good luck at your conference, that's awesome that your grandma is going! :-)

Raven said...

I LOVED this post! Really, the whole thing. No matter how perfect someone's life seems, everyone has the "sad" stuff happen to them also. And I LOVE what you said about where you want to be when God comes back. Something really important to think about ;)


Amber in South Carolina said...

i'll be praying for your husband. it's hard to switch jobs and especially when you don't feel like you're succeeding.

and you should see my hair! i haven't had it cut since i moved here because i'm so scared to let just anyone cut it. i've had more than one mushroom effect experience. i'm starting to get desperate though!

Kristen said...

Oh, my Dear Mrs. Robinson, I am so thankful you trust us enough to share your not always happy news. Mr. R is at that new job to learn something, or as a way to step up to something new. I know you want to build him up, I do the same thing with A all the time. But sometimes I have to wonder if there are other ways to build people up that are constructive, useful, and still supportive. It's something I struggle with.

Then again, so is saving money. We are going to be saving a ton by planting a garden this year. I know you have an amazing house... would your mom and Grandma be able to help you turn a little patch into a cornucopia of free veggies? The seeds and plants cost a little bit, but once they're producing, it is worth the cost. Plus, gardening is great exercise. My friend loses 10 pounds every summer when she starts working on her garden again.

I am glad to hear all of your good news. It sounds like all of these "negatives" are allowing you to grow in your faith, and become the incredible, astounding woman you never knew you wanted to be. And by the way, the woman you're turning into is pretty awesome. I approve. Hang in there, you are in my thoughts!