Sunday, March 11, 2012

Being Sick & Having a Godly Husband

I want to start out by telling y'all how GREAT my God is!  =)  He is moving in our church and in our community, and it feels so good to be His daughter.  I mentioned Friday how I wanted to be a better Christian. We have a new Interim Pastor at our church, and he's been focusing on getting our members back in church so that our community can experience a revival.  He looked at our attendance records and found that we have an average Sunday School attendance of 98 people.  He's been encouraging us to reach out to people in our community, contact members who have gotten out of church, and invite them back again.  Let them know that they are missed.  Our goal for the end of March is to have 125 people in our Sunday School classes.  This morning, we had 115!  =)  I stepped outside my comfort zone and invited a local girl I've known since childhood to church for the first time.  She's a little younger than me, has a new husband and two children.  I invited her to come to Sunday School with me, and then to church.  And she came!  God is good. 

After church, we came home & got the pooch, then went to parent's house for some of Momma's Homemade Lasagna.  I wish I could have tasted it... I ate it, but I think I'm battling a sinus infection that's particularly nasty.  I can't smell or taste a thing.  

I'm home alone and Mr. Robinson just went off to church, leaving me here to sniffle and snuggle.  I've been miserable with my mucus all weekend, but sitting in church sniffling and sneezing and coughing was no fun.  I felt like everyone could hear my mucus moving.  Ew.  Not being able to blow my nose drove my crazy.  So, I'm home alone tonight.  

Maybe y'all remember last month when my sweet husband had a sinus infection?  And I was mean to him?  I was mean and selfish.  (Click here to read about it.)  He's a much better care-giver than I am.  He's been sweet and selfless.  I'm not the most delightful sick person.  This morning I told him he was annoying.  Yeesh.    I didn't mean it.  I just get grumpy and easily annoyed...I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband who just loves me and forgives me every step of the way.  He's a nicer sick person than I am.  He's a nicer care-giver than I am.  I am so blessed to have a godly husband!  =)   



TIffany Gabriel said...

Omg I've had this awful cold / cough all week and weekend sniffly nose and watery eyes. I feel your pain. The hubbs offered to go get me meds last night but it was way late so he picked some up for me this morning he is so sweet when I'm sick.

Val said...

I'm sick today too. Thank God for amazing husbands who take care of us! Hope you feel better soon.

Tracy said...

feel better!

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

feel better soon lady! :)