Monday, March 5, 2012

Warning: Bethany has hijacked this blog!

Well hello there ladies!
Silly, silly me had written down in my journal that I was posting next Monday.
Whelp... that obvy isn't the case so you don't get an introduction from my beloved Special K...
You just get me. So sorry.
I kid, I kid.

If you want to figure out where I hale from check out my page!

This is me
[a lover of:]

all things bright and pink.

the duck face.

and my handsome hubby.
Just to name a few.

So, when Mrs. Robinson asked me to guest post I definitely couldn't wait.
I have had so many ideas running around in my mind.
She and I have become such great friend and I didn't want to disappoint.
I decided to follow our humor theme and tell y'all a "first" story of mine.
First, you must read what Special K guest posted on mine.

Did ya read it?
Okay... good.

Now, if you don't know me well you may be unaware that I am a glorified hippie.
I may dress like I just walked out of Banana Republic but I love a free spirit.
I finally landed a job where I work for a bunch of hippies.
This has enabled to let my inner wallflower spill out into my wardrobe.
I would like to think I look like this:

But, I am almost certain I end up looking more like this:

This is my story:


The first time I embarrassed myself in a Dollar General.

I ran inside to grab a few things for our friend's daughters for Christmas.
I had on a super cute hippie sweater dress from Earthbound, some leggings, and my suede knee boots.
As I was browsing through the lip glosses a girl in her early teens told me she loved my dress.
I said, "Awww... thank you!" and moved on.
Well, while the cashier was ringing up my purchases I heard the same girl tell her mother,
"I really like that dress!"
To which her mother responded with,
"It looks like a night gown..."
I was floored and as I swiped my card I turned to the mother (who was three or so people behind the line) and said, "I promise you I wouldn't go out in public in my night gown!"
She looked a little baffled and proceeded to pick up a magazine and flash the cover to me.
It was a picture of some celebrity in a spaghetti strap sequined dress.
She said, "I was talking about her..."
Oh emm gee.
Is my face on fire?
Do I have all my bags?
Is this door locked??? Oh... push don't pull...
Should I run?
I was so embarrassed.
Yes, apparently I am so vain as to assume she was speaking of me.
Yes, I must be a little self conscious about my hippie wardrobe.
Yes, twenty people standing in line witnessed this.
No, I couldn't change the channel and hope this was a horrible dose of Jersey Shore.
No, I have not called anyone out for anything since.

Moral of the story:
pick your battles... and not with strangers.


I hope I didn't bore y'all too terribly.
I miss Mrs. Robinson as much as y'all do.
But, that was a story too funny not to share.



Michelle P said...

Awww that story sounds so embarrassing!

Pamela said...

Ohh goodness! hah!

Andrew said...

That's hilarious! Good for you that you can laugh about it afterwards!

Emily Hope said...

Ha-ha - this is hilarious. But maybe the mother was just a quick thinker and pulled up the magazine? Does that kinda make you feel better?!

Tiffany Gabriel said...

You pour pour girl, Im so sorry but this is to funny!!! I would have felt like a crazy person myself. lol. Fabulous story though.

Sarah said...

only you....hahaha
I wouldn't have the courage to say anything but she sure as heck would've gotten a nasty look :)

Jayme and Mendi said...

HAHA!! This is too funny! We just love Bethany's sense of humor!
We came over from her blog and are so happy we did. Following you now via GFC. We'd just love it if you stopped by our blog. Hope you are having a great day!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings