Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Baaaack

Hey!  =)  

I am super stoked to be back.  Miss me?!   I'm sure you didn't even notice that I was gone since you were busy reading the fabulous guest posts that were up while I was gone.  {If you missed them, I've included links to them ALL at the bottom of this post!}  I notice that I gained some new followers while I was away, so if you are one of those newbies, THANKS!  I'm so glad to have you!  I'd love get to know you a little better, check out your blog, and be able to call you by name so if you don't mind...e-mail me at mynewwifelife(at)aol(dot)com.

I've been meaning to publish this post since this morning, but I keep getting distracted.  It's my first day back at work, I've got the freakin' hiccups, I am having a ton of fun catching on all of YOUR latest posts, and I've got a lot of e-mails to catch up on.  Not to mention, I have about a trillion thoughts bouncing around my head.  We had such a great vacation and I am super excited about finding the time to upload allll the pictures and document our trip like any good blogger would do.

A sneak peak....Mr. Robinson learned how to tie a  bow tie whilst on vacay!  The bow tie was one of his Valentine's Day gifts...we looked up YouTube videos and he practiced and practiced before finally getting it...doesn't he look proud & PRECIOUS?!  I love his face!

...{Here's the Guest Posts}...
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A sweet, Canadian lady gives some advice on enjoying the first year of marriage...because it's her first anniversary!
This blog post gives some tips to beginner runners and asks for other newbie tips!
My favorite hippie talks about an embarrassing moment she had in Dollar General.
A spunky post about indulging your taste a non-diet sort of way.  Shame on her!  =)
A post by an army wife about her marriage, surviving deployment, and moving around the country.

If you haven't checked the guest posts out yet, you absolutely MUST.  These are some of my favorite bloggers and you're missing out if you don't check these ladies out.  If you're new to my blog (or if you haven't done so yet) don't forget to check my out on Twitter!

So...what did I miss in the week since I've been gone?!  Tell me everything.



Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

missed you for sure! hope you had a great vacay. :) thanks again for letting me guest post, it was fun. can't wait to hear all about your week away.

Emily Hope said...

I hope you had an awesome vacay and I can't wait to read about the road trip. OH and thank you so much for letting me guest over here - it was so much fun.

lilmoomoo said...

Glad you're back boo :)

Bethany said...

i am so glad you're backkk! i missed you!

Pamela said...

Glad you're back! :)

Stephanie said...

I hope you had a wonderful time with your hubby! Welcome back!

Val said...

Glad you're back, can't wait to year about your trip! :-)

Tiffany Gabriel said...

OH OH I MISSED YOU and our emails!!!!!! Glad to hear your back to reality lol. Looking forward to hearing about your trip!!!