Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Part Twelve: The Dancing

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We hired a DJ for the reception because Mr. Robinson and I wanted all different types of music played - everything from country love songs to big band music, and literally everything in between.  Our engagement was short, you know, so it would have been difficult to find a band capable of meeting all of our requirements, being in the area, having our date open (and it was the most popular day of the year to get married, I hear), and on short notice.  So...we hired a DJ and honestly, he sucked.  We created a do-not-play list for him, and he played several song off of it.  When my little flower girl went up and asked him to play a song, he told her he couldn't because it was on the do-not-play list.  Quite frustrating.  He was also awkward.  Anyway, let's dwell on the good stuff!  =)  The dancing!  Everyone had a good time, enjoyed the music, and twirled around on the dance floor!  Clearly, we aren't the most coordinated group and our reception was dry which means this is how we all REALLY dance.  ;)  Also, we broke the wedding rule that says the electric slide & the cha cha slide are out.  People love dancing to those songs!  It was only way to get people on the dance floor...so a lot of our pictures are of people leaning forward, haha!  (A quick side not:  I don't know how to do the electric slide.  But I wanted to dance.  So I just swooshed my dress around and faked it. =)  Champion!)  Enjoy! 

Mr & Grandmudder, Me & Grumps {Us Dancing with My Mom's Parents}

L-R:  His Parents, My Parents, Us
My Dress...His Chuck's 

Us & My Dad's Parents! =)

Dancing With the Girls...8th Grade Style =)
And somewhere between all the dancing, something hilarious happened.  First, let me tell you how uncoordinated and clumsy I am.  I have one dance move...it resembles a chicken flapping it wings.  I drop everything.  I can hardly dance.  I am aware of this and so I don't really dance.  And when I say "I can't dance" I mean that I struggle even with the standard slow-dancing kids do in middle school.  Ok, so I can't dance.  You got it right?  Understand?  I.  Can't. &. Don't. Dance.  

The song "Brick House" comes on.

And I just start breaking it down.    
See his face?  This was a surprise to everyone.  Totally out of character!  Haha
And by breaking it down, I pop locked & dropped it the best I could, I put my hands up in the air, I rubbed my body against his to the music...I have no idea who I was in that moment!  Haha 

The chicken dance move.. 
After I ran out of really bad dance moves, I realized what I had done!  I was so incredibly embarrassed and hid my face, haha!  But my sweet & brand new husband made it all better and took over!  Did I mention that everyone thought this little dance was planned?!  It was not.  But my husband is a fantastic dancer and he saved the day! 
I make really awkward faces when I don't know what I'm doing...
Oh, and then I guess Mr. Perfect got bored with swirling me around, so he decided to back it up on me.  

Oh, we had so much fun at the reception!  (Even if the DJ wasn't what he had hoped for..)  

 So, we decided against serving a sit down mean and against serving any alcohol.  This meant that when our guests got bored or tired, they left.  A lot of Mr.'s family had a two hour trip (or longer) back home.  It was dark outside.  The dance floor was staying pretty open with the exception of us and the wedding party.  John, the wedding planner, pulled us aside to tell us that he was going to retire for the evening.  Since we had been awake for a really long time and had been busy all day long, we were tired.  I didn't have a watch or my cell phone handy.  The wedding planner was leaving, guests were starting to go home....I assumed it was late.  I asked my husband if he was ready to leave and he jumped at the opportunity to go ahead and get the honeymoon started if you know what I mean.  Little did we know, it was about 9 o'clock.  It was still early, haha.  The DJ called everyone to attention and asked them to go outside to send us off.  I started crying.  I mean, I started bawling my eyes out.  

It was over.

Our perfect day was over and it felt like it only took 5 seconds from start to finish.  I was sobbing.  Trying to hold it in.  Everyone was outside lighting their sparklers and our wedding planner was being all sentimental about how perfect everything had been... I was falling apart.  Haha.. who knows what my husband thought!  =)  

Come back next week for the final wedding post about our send off...

Coo Coo Kachoo, 
Mrs. Robinson


Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

haha are you kidding me?! cha cha slide is like the best song eeeevver. it was the 2nd or 3rd song our dj played to get everyone out the dance floor immediately. :) anyway, fun photos. i danced the entire night at our reception and then some - i looove to dance (even though i don't do it well at all)

Anonymous said...

Awe, It looks like y'all had zoo much fun :)

Anonymous said...
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Annabelle said...

Oh girl! If we ever meet, you are so getting a lesson on how to do the electric slide! It may or may not be one of the few dances I can do! ha! Your face was priceless when he twirled you around! It looked like fun!

Erin said...

Uhh WHO SAYS you cant do electic slide and chacha slide!? You are right, EVERYONE loves those songs... I consider them "must-plays" myself! Bc if people don't know how to do anything else, they often know these dances and like being able to participate!! :)

You crack me up with your dancing stories! I regret not asking my photographer to stick around the entire night.... she left after covering all the important things, and a lil bit of dancing, but later in the night hubby and I did some really silly dancing, our groomsmen were doing the worm, etc etc! LOL, would love to have pics of those moments!!

Kristen Seuberling said...

You don't know how to electric slide? Girl, you so need to come visit me. We would have so much fun. AND I'll take you line dancing, ya know, since I live in CO, and we're clearly all a bunch of cowboys and cowgirls out here.

Holly said...

dancing photos are my favorite!! I LOVE to dance and definitely looking forward to that on our wedding day :)