Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Bosom Buddies

Last month, I introduced you to some of my favorite ladies in cyber space and gave you reason after reason why you should follow them.  I hope it worked, but just in case it didn't I hope you'll check out these lovely ladies again!  For May I asked them all to send me a picture they associate with their beliefs and a few lines about what they believe.  I am a Christian and have a place in my heart for all of these ladies because of the things we have common...we are like-minded ladies, even if our beliefs aren't the same.  But we are different and I hope that you'll check out their unique answers and find some like-minded ladies of your own.  =)   My favorite part of blogging is...well, everything.  I love everything about blogging.  But one of my favorite things is being able to connect with girls just like me.  It makes me feel a little normal.  =)   So, hopefully...maybe these chicks can make you feel normal, too!  


the merry mrs. mobley

I believe that my broken soul was saved by the greatest Savior. His love is so much more than anything I could have ever dreamed up. This verse serves as a constant reminder in my life to let go of my own wishes and let Him take control of all the I am. 


Our Beautiful Blessings

I believe in Jesus as the Christ and our risen Savior. Reading the Bible, I have learned that there are certain things that God commands his followers to do. We are meant to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul and mind, and love other people as well. In loving other people, I also know that I must tell them about my awesome Lord and Savior. The picture I have included is from Cerro de la Cruz in Guatemala. I took it when I was there on a mission internship.


Mrs. in the Making

I believe that God is unchanging and that He still performs miracles, every day.  I used to have an "incurable" cancer, but He healed me, completely, in 2009.  My dove ring symbolizes my healing and is a constant reminder of what God has done for me- I wear it every day. 


I have many beliefs.  One of my beliefs is that of my faith.  I am an Orthodox Christian.  I believe that Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.  I also believe that it is my job to live this life to the fullest and try to be more holy so that I can live eternally in Heaven with Him.  
On top of my faith I am also an educator and I have some strong beliefs in education.  I believe that every child can learn.  Going off of that, I feel that the best way to learn is through exploration.  Kids need to explore and learn through interacting and doing (not sitting and being force-fed stuff that will be on a stupid standardized test).  Those are just two of my beliefs.  Thanks! 



"I believe that life choices can seem complicated but they are, actually, quite simple. I had this sign made for my office to hang over my computer. Whenever I begin to stress over a situation I look up and am reminded, "If this doesn't make you happy - don't do it." So, the next time you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place ask yourself, "does this make me happy?" If it doesn't - don't sweat it. Quit placing your happiness in another person's hands and start fulfilling it yourself. It's the only way to guarantee you will always getexactly what you want."


Pamela's place

I grew up a Southern Baptist (still am).  My Granny made sure that I was at church every Sunday morning & Wednesday night.
I am so blessed that she made sure that I knew who Jesus was.  She never once pressured me, but gave me the opportunity to learn.  
Even if I didn't go to church, I could Jesus in her.  I want to be like that.  I have a lot more to work on, but deep down I want to
 strive to be like her.  I know in my heart that I will see my Granny again, in Heaven with my Jesus.  I could go on, but remember
Jesus died on the old rugged cross for my sins & for your sins.  He loves you!



I believe in the experience of living. When I leave this world it will be from exhaustion, hopefully with a slideshow full of countless memories passing before my eyes. I don't have a bucket list, I have a life list that is constantly being updated and lived.


Knot Tied Down

I'm a Christian, and I believe in God, his son Jesus who died for us, and also love. Because we are loved unconditionally, I believe we are to return that love to others, especially those who need it most.


Throughout the ups and downs of life, the one thing that has proven to be reliable and consistent and never failing is the love of the Lord. If there is anything that I believe it is simply that I am nothing without all that he has blessed me with, created me for, and saved me from. There is nothing greater than accepting the salvation that has been offered to each and every one of us and allowing that freedom to guide your life’s direction.


Mr.C & Me

"This bookshelf hold holy books—including the Qur’an, Bible, and Tao Te Ching—all at the same level (which is how I like to think about religion)"
It’s so tough to summarize my beliefs down to just a few sentences but for the lovely Mrs. Robinson, I’m willing to give it a go!  After a lot of thought + years of exploration, I think I’d say that I’m an Agnostic Humanist. 
An agnostic is uncertain about the existence of God. A humanist views life as progressive and optimistic. We are in awe of human potential, live without fear of judgement and death, find enough purpose and meaning in life, love and leaving a good legacy. I might also be considered a “Spiritual Dabbler”, meaning that although I am open to spiritual matters,I am far from impressed.  I also believe...children should be exposed to many traditions (religious + secular), cultures, and lifestyles; science and faith are really just two aspects in the same search for answers; it is entirely possible to develop and live by a good moral code without religion; people should be able to decide (for themselves!) how they want to live their lives.


I believe that God doesn't put us into situations unless he thinks we are strong enough to handle them. My husband is currently deployed, and I have faith in his abilities, faith in my strength and ability to handle it, and faith in God that He will bring him home safely! If He brings you to it, He will pull you through it.


Some people are more private about their beliefs and chose not to be a part of this post.  However, these ladies are still rather awesome and I hope you'll check them out.  

These Moments

Hope Squared

Coo Coo Kachoo, 
Mrs. Robinson


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What a cute way to introduce them! And I'm loving the layout changes!

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whoo hoo! thanks for doing this :-) I desperately need more blogs to read, so I can't wait to check the others out.

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This is a very heart felt post.
Thanks for the shout out girl, Im sorry I've been slacking on blogging here lately. We've just had a lot going on and when we aren't busy we are being lazy!!

Amie said...

You know, I wasn't really raised with religion and lately being faithless has made me feel...lost. Or like a piece of me is missing. I actually just wrote a post on it but it was hard to write out how I really feel.

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