Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Part Eleven: The Cake

Our cake was one of the very first things we decided on.  I found a picture on The Knot very similar to this cake.  I love the taste of marshmallow fondant.  We wanted our wedding to have an Indian flair to it, and the piping on the cake was similar to henna.  Our color was orange.  It was perfect.  =)  

I didn't want our cake topper to be on top of our cake, so we set it off to the side.  Please notice the bride grabbing on her groom's butt.  =)  I adore our cake topper.  It's so us!  I'm always grabbing his chubby little tushy!  

We toasted with sweet tea, obviously.  =)  When we ordered our glasses, we opted to have words engraved on the side.  However, we surprised each other with what our glasses would say.

The first line on his glass said "Mr. Robinson" and the first line on my glass said "Mrs. Robinson."  
The surprise engraving on his glass read, "I have, I do, and I will."  The surprise engraving on my glass read, "Forever and After That."  =)  

It came time to cut the cake...so we did.  

He fed me a slice of cake, neatly, because I threatened to kill him if he messed up my perfect make up, hair, or dress.  =)  Honestly, I forgot all about the cake cutting until it was happening...so there was no plan.  

And then I did something mean.  I surely smooshed cake all over his face.  I have no idea why I did it, but I concentrated really hard on rubbing it in.

Apparently, I thought it was funny...

Except my brand new husband was mad.  And if I had thought my actions through before smooshing cake in his face, I would have known that he would have been mad.  So I kissed him to make it better.  


The kiss didn't really work...so I licked some cake off his ear and made sure to get some on my face.  That makes us even right?  

And he forgave me....but please notice that the smile on his face is 100% fake.  He was not happy with his new bride.  Haha! 

And my bridesmaid, Brittany, made sure to repair the damage done to my wedding day make-up.  What a peach.  =)  

 And then everyone dug in!  :)  

Coo Coo Kachoo, 
Mrs. Robinson


Anonymous said...

Haha, I totally forgot to have "the cake" discussion until it happened too! I realized when we went to feed each other, "Crap, we never talked about this..." Haha, I played dirty, too!

Annabelle said...

So cute! I got cake smooshed all over me when I got married!

Tracy said...

mmmm cake! it's gorgeous!

Pamela said...

Love how you had your glasses monogrammed!! SO sweet!! We just borrowed ours from my friend, ha! Our cake server was really special though! It was the same one that my Great Grandmother & Great Granddaddy used for their 50th wedding anniversary! They had their name & wedding date on one side, & then my Great Aunt had our information engraved on the other side! :)

Bethany Scruggs said...

Oh I threatened Shawn when we went cake tasting! He knew he would die if he did it. LOL!

Heather Draney said...

Ha. I told Tyler if he smooshed cake in my face, his wedding night wouldn't be what he had dreamed of. He still did it and apparently I lied. Oops :)

Much love!

Desiree said...

awwwwhhh what a beautiful cake!! and i love the story of you shoving cake in hubbys face! haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Your cake looked amazing!! I love the style of your wedding~ you and your dress = so pretty!!

Cori H. said...

The cake was so pretty! Awww poor Mr. Robinson! At least he forgave you! :)

Ugochi said...

This cake looks simply amazing, I pray you enjoy every bit of your new life.
Following you from the hop.


TIffany Gabriel said...

I love what yall did with the glasses by having them engraved with out each other knowing. AND OMG you cheered with SWEET TEA, what a fabulous idea, to bad I didn't think to do that. lol. That cake was beautiful girl!!!! PS: I love your hair piece I don't know if I ever said that before but its really pretty.

Alison Sokol said...

That's so funny because my husband and I talked about it before the wedding. I wanted a little cake smooshing, but he was VERY against it. Needless to say, there wasn't that much cake smooshing. Just a little on his lips. (I was too nice!)