Friday, June 22, 2012

Three Hints The Honeymoon Phase is Over

Y'all know I like to keep it real.  I blog-all-about-it and today you can find "it" on Autumn's blog, Mrs. in the Making.  The post is about three ways to know the honeymoon phase if go check it out.  =)   I'm an expert, after all, since I've been married for 9 months and stuff.

Also, the Color Run in Charlotte, NC is coming up in November and the registration is opening next week I've heard.  If you want to join our team so that you can meet some really wonderful bloggers (myself included, obviously) you should click here.  

And one other thing - if you want to be a July Sponsor on My New Wife Life {for free}, I have three spots left and one of 'em has your name it on.  Get the details here.  

The hubby and I are going on Date #6 of his Christmas gift - a comedy show!  =)  Super excited about that tonight.  Everyone have a great weekend!  =)  And don't forget to go check out my guest post!  



Cori H. said...

Have fun at the comedy show! Heading on over to check out your guest post...

Question about the Color Run, are we bringing significant others to the meetup? I may feel lame if mine doesn't come, haha!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

I am so excited about the color run, cant wait!!!! Enjoy your weekend love!!!

Annabelle said...

Woohoo! Have fun on Date #6!!! I want to know if when I sign up for the Color Run if I can bring a friend as well. My hubby may or may not want to come...wish washy at this point!

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