Friday, June 15, 2012

Letters to Erry'body! =)

This has pretty much been how I've felt for the past week.

Dear Readers,

There are seriously no words to describe how grateful I feel for all of the encouragement you've offered me this past week.  In the past seven days, I've posted  1...2....3 really depressing posts.  And y'all left comments and sent e-mails and prayed for me & my husband.  Thank you endlessly...know that what y'all said to me helped.  And I promise this post is happy.  :)  Y'all are the best and even though my husband things I'm crazy, I'm so thankful for this community that I sort of stumbled into.

Dear Mr. Robinson,
I just love you.  It's been a rough week for us & I know I don't have to tell you that.  We've both felt some not-so-happy things.  But right now, in this moment, I'm just thankful to be on this journey with you.  There are lots of things on the horizon for us, perhaps even you becoming a Pastor someday, and it's exciting to think of all the possible adventures we could be starting soon.  I love you.  I support you.  You are the man.  I'm overjoyed to know that we will not let Satan win & that we are in this fight against him together - for better or for worse.  And also, I'm so glad (!!!!) this week is over.  Haha! 

Dear Momma,
I am pretty sure you don't read my blog.  But I've told you about it and given you a link, so it's possible.  Anyway.  Thank you for all you do for me.  Thank you for always having the best advice and for  being able to put me in my place by telling me when I'm wrong...because sometimes I' can't see it.  I love you & I'm thankful for you & the wisdom you speak into my life.  :) 

Dear God,
My prayer all week has been that you will heal my marriage, and now I'm praying that you will heal our church.  There is just so much going on right now - we are tired of trying to wrap our brains around something we may never understand.  We don't want Satan to win the battle for our church, and I don't want to give up on the souls within that church.  Maybe walking away from it all would be letting Satan win, but how can we stay associated with a church that's adding to the Bible?  Where is the line?  The victory is not ours to win... so I just pray that you'll guide our thoughts and actions so that we glorify You.  Your will be done, not ours..and I pray that You just reveal to us what You'd have us do in this incredibly difficult situation.

Listen up.  You've been at my house, you've been at my heart, you've been at my church.  And you can take it somewhere else.  Do what you will to me, my family, the people I care about.  We will not stop serving our Father.  We will not turn from Him, because He is faithful and you are destructive.  You have nothing to offer.  I have no interest in you - I have no interest in entertaining you.  Consider yourself kicked out.  

Dear Church,
I have called you home for as long as I can remember, even when I was running from God I considered you my home church.  And I'm confused by learning things about you that I don't really think are very Christ-like.  There are so many things right now that I just don't understand.  I'm sure your opinion of me has changed.  I'm sure some of you think less of my husband and my parents.  But why?  I mean, how can you expect more out of us than Jesus does?    

 Dear Yoda,
You are turning out to be such a good dog!  I'm so happy we adopted you.  :)  You are slowly becoming house-trained, we are learning each other, and it's fun.  Your personality is so different from Zombie's.  You are very hard to photograph since you are solid black.  You have a fat tummy and you eat more than I would have guessed.  You're afraid of doors, which is weird.  You copy everything Zombie does and it's funny to watch.  It's fun when people compliment you - you have already been chosen over Zombie twice.  I think Zombie is a little jealous of the attention we give you.  Plus, you're really hyper and I think it gets on his nerves sometimes.  You're all puppy, and while that's fun...I do look forward to your "adult" years.  :)  A few things to remember:  mommy's a crazy driver & you're just going to have to adjust; stop taking Zombie's treats from him or you'll never be friends; stop making our home smell like really rank poo.  I love your floppy ears.  I love that you stay close when we're all outside.  You're a happy boy.  I'm happy you are ours & that we are yours.  :)  Welcome to the nut house family!  

Dear Zombie,
You'll always be my "first born."  We love you.  You get to snuggle at bed time and do things your little brother will probably never do.  I know you feel left out because of the attention Yoda's been getting.  But we love you.  You are enough - we didn't get another dog because you weren't enough for us.  You are!  But he needed us.  And I hope one day you like him!  =)

Dear Self,
Am I crazier for writing letters to you or for writing letters to two dogs?  The world may never know.  :)

Happy Friday Erry'body!

Oh, and I'm trying to do better about using Instagram to capture stuff since I've not been blogging as much lately.  So...if that kind of thing interests you, find me.  My insta-name is "KRob8fo3"  Kbye. 




Anonymous said...

so glad you're starting to feel better! I'm sorry you had to find out things about your church that make you uncomfortable though.

but your new puppy is adorable! his little tummy just kills me.

Kristen Seuberling said...

Yoda is so cute! Congratulations on your new fur-baby. I promise a lengthy email later today, but glad that you are back in your positive posting groove!

Stephanie said...

Hey again! I just wanted to let you know that I've been there (going through a church split, if that's what is happening) especially over doctrinal issues. It'll probably get uglier before it gets better, and wounds are not easily healed. BUT, someone told me something that has been so comforting to me. The CHURCH is human. It is run by humans, and it is not above human error. But GOD is constant. Even when the church has issues, God is there. Thinking of you.

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

what at lovely blog! LOVE IT! and i have to send my parents txts to let them know i shouted out the them on the blog. found you via the link up xo