Thursday, October 27, 2011

The First Post

Hey.  I'm Mrs. Robinson and I married my mister on 09-10-11.  Yep, brand spankin' newlyweds.  I want to document the foods I cook, the crafts I make, the feelings I experience, and everything attached to being a newlywed.  I've been trying out a few blogs but none of them have stuck.  Hopefully this is my last move. husband and I have no children, so if you are looking for baby pictures, please keep looking.  You won't find it here.  We do not have baby not want baby fever...we are more than happy with just us and our one Chihuahua named Zombie.  :)

I hope that I can get some followers even though my blog is pretty plain right now... I promise I will spruce it up (today!) and I promise to post some really interesting things... I'll be real about it all and you'll get the full scoop on our newlywed life.  I also will post plenty of recipes and diy projects that I've completed!  :)  Perhaps I'll just be white noise, there are tons of blogs out there about this kind of stuff....we'll see.  Adios!

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