Friday, October 28, 2011

Creative Bedroom Decor!

When we were engaged, Mr. Robinson and I registered ourselves for a bedroom ensemble.  And we registered for an AMAZING one that we both fell in love with at first sight.  Since we are living in the completely furnished house I grew up in, we've run into a problem.  There are a lot of decorations in the house that aren't our taste.  So we can either take them down and look at empty walls with nails and holes or we can deal with the decor we don't like.

We sleep in the master bedroom, which was my parents' room.  We put our own bedding on the bed, but the decor that hung over the bed matched their bedroom set.  The flowers above the bed (pictured below) didn't match our bedroom ensemble and it wasn't really our style...but we had nothing else to hang in it's place.  So it stayed.

We also got curtains to go with our bedroom set, but those didn't get hung immediately.  We  finally hung them up on a Saturday before we went and got our matching tattoos (I'll post more on this later!).  Check out the curtains in our dimly lit bedroom..

See the flowers in the middle?  Let me explain where they come from.  Mr. Robinson spent some time in India before we met.  He was there for 6 weeks on a mission trip and really fell in love with the culture.  A traditional Indian wedding has marigold curtains.  Well, marigolds die too quickly so our florist strung together tons of artificial marigolds and made curtains for us anyway!  Here is a picture where you can see some of the strands hanging from the beautiful oak tree that provided shade for the outdoor ceremony.  :)  Also, take note of the aisle runner.  That will come up again in this post.

Since the flowers are artificial and have sentimental meaning (and were quite expensive) they ended up making a curtain over a door we never use.  My mom actually did this while we were on our honeymoon...they completely trashed our house!  Maybe I'll post picture of that later... Anyway.  They are just tossed over the valance rod.  I think it looks pretty cool :)

We also received a matching valance as a wedding gift.  But we didn't want to take the flowers down...and we didn't want to guy buy new valance rods since the existing valance rods were too wide for the valance.  Also, there was a glitch in our wedding registry and apparently we only registered for ONE valance, so whatever we did we were going to need to spend money.  So...this is what we came up with!

We hung up a 97 cent curtain rod to cover up the holes in the wall where my mom's floral arrangement was.  Hung the valance on the rod.. The orange fabric is some left-over aisle cloth (remember?!!).  I just twisted it and laid it on top of the curtain rod.  And we had a smaller strand of flowers from the curtains that had broken off, so instead of throwing it away I put it up on top to incorporate all of the colors and textures of the room.  :)

My handsome husband, on our love bed, under my creative way to use a valance!  Job well done if I do say so myself!
To be perfectly honest, I wish the furniture wasn't so matchy.  I long for an eclectic home... but it is a work in progress!  I wonder if it is possible to have expensive, upscale furniture AND eclectic DIY furniture all in the same space.  We'll see!  :)