Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Goodbye Post

One day a few weeks before we moved I was sitting at my desk at my old job and it started to rain outside.  The clock read 11:27 a.m. and I thought to myself it shouldn’t be raining.  You see, it had rained at exactly 3:00 p.m. every day for the past two weeks.  The fact that the rain came early is not life-altering in the slightest, but it comforted me.  In a weird way, I think God was reminding me that even when the timing seems off or when events seem to happen out of order, He is still in control.

Mr. Robinson was ready to serve God and go anywhere he felt led to go, and I was holding us back.  I was comforted by a familiar environment and fearful that God had not given me any talents that I could use beside my husband – and I did not want to leave my home.  My husband was ready and willing from the start, but it took me a little longer.  Eventually and all of a sudden, I was ready.  I felt the call and I felt at peace, and to stick with the metaphor…it started to rain before I was ready.  God is so good like that, isn’t He?  Thousands of things had to fall perfectly into place and when they did, life as we knew it would never be the same. 

With everything changing, it seemed only natural to me that I would start a new blog.  I’m so happy that I started My New Wife Life last October, and because of this I was introduced to such an amazing community of supportive women that I consider my friends, even when others can’t seem to understand.  I’m still a new wife, but it’s different now.  When we first got married, we were seeking the “American Dream” complete with a big house, adorable dogs, and desk jobs.  It’s the life I thought I always wanted – I wanted to be settled.  It was a typical life.  But now?  There is a good possibility that we’ll move around a lot and never have a forever home, and that’s okay.  My home is where my husband is…my home is where our Lord leads us to go….and that’s okay.  It will be an adjustment, it will be an adventure, it will change everything, and I hope you’ll follow us on our journey through seminary and through whatever happens next.  Except now, we'll be here.  Along with the new blog, I've created new everything.  I have a new blog address, new e-mail address, new twitter, a new Facebook page...the works.  Exciting stuff.  I hope to see y'all around.  :)  



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